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ALUNA Hybrid Nature Eyewear blends urban and nature elements to create modern designs with a classic vibe to create timeless and eco-friendly fashion and sun protection products. Our expertly handcrafted or semi-handcrafted shades incorporate wood, bamboo, and bio-plastics which are paired with modern durable materials to result in the perfect complement to your eco-urban lifestyle.

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The Meaning Of Our Logo


Tropical Beach Waves. Snowy Mountain Peaks. Ancestral Wisdom.

Inspired by a special place where you can see some of the world’s most stunning tropical beaches just a few miles away from gorgeous snowy mountain peaks - and a myriad of ecosystems and unbelievable landscapes in between. It’s like a miniature of planet Earth in one magic place.


This impressive coastal mountain with paradisaic shores has inspired us to create the ALUNA brand, not only for its endless sightseeing possibilities, but most importantly in honor of the ancient indigenous civilizations who call it home, along with their transcendental wisdom of being one with the planet and their transgenerational efforts to promote environmental awareness.


A short story of entrepreneurship and eyes, wide open. 

The day started with soft white clouds floating peacefully under an otherwise bright blue sky. The rocky path followed the winding river, hiding between wild leafy trees and overgrown bushes.    
I wandered through the woods through the sound  of chatty birds and the whistling and crackling of the wind blowing on the leaves, deepened by the voice of the river flowing slowly next to me. The Earth was breathing under my feet. 

I got to my usual destination: a bundle of rocks on the riverbank, surrounded by branches and tall grass, and I sat on my favorite boulder planning to relax to an unpretentious but beautiful view. The clouds that shortly before were stationary moved away suddenly to allow the mighty sunshine pierce through. The glare of the sun on the river drilled straight through my pupils, and what should have been a relaxing moment at a serene nature scene became a blinding and dazzling torture to my bare squinting eyes.
Sun blinded, I came to my first realization on that day: I left my sunglasses, probably next to my weather forecasting skills, at home. On my way back home, the tree shades on the path protected my eyes from the sun as if they knew what was going on, and I took it as a signal of what I was about to do next. 

Weeks back, I had started dreaming of entrepreneurship, and 2020 gave me time to think, and my sunblind eye excruciating experience, the trees covering me from the way-too-bright light, and my life-long passion for nature and sunglasses inspired me into creating the Aluna brand. And that’s how it all started. I guess we just need our own ray of sunshine to light up our way.
After countless hours of hard work and sleepless nights, I managed to bring the ALUNA brand to life. Aluna would become a brand whose products would incorporate elements from nature to promote mindfulness of our environment, wherever we are. Aluna would help you see the world as you should.  
Today, I still walk the same path to the same riverbank and sit on the same old rock, where I like staring straight into that dazzling ray of light reflecting from the river. Now, with my eyes wide open.

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